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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tourism in Turkey 2013

Tourism in Turkey Khashalsaahh family Vyasitnpol and see tourist sites in Istanbul, require the head of the family to be wise in choosing hotels, choose the airlines, choose the itinerary in Turkey, Turkey is a modern and tourist sites in Turkey, many also remain divided days trip on the most importanttourist sites in Turkey is of concern to travelers Arab Turkey, but it is simple, God willing, in this report you will learn on everything related to tourism in Turkey, and the Secretariat this report redeployed from brother dear to all travelers Arabs reports many of the countries that traveled to them andincluding Turkey ..

First flight to Turkey

Can travel to and from Istanbul by many airlines, and from Saudi Arabia, there is no direct flight only by Saudi Arabian Airlines, Turkish? As for Saudi Arabia there is often stopped in his grandfather or city and this for سافرين of Riyadh. As for Turkey, it flies directly to Istanbul. This is what prompted me to choose Turkish.

Is the Turkish Aviation appropriate

Through my first experience with the Turkish airline can say that it can assess any flight of several faces, including the quality of aircraft, the level of air service, and service level ground at the airport.

Tourism Turkey Hotels Turkey places

Based on this classification, it could be argued that the level of air service quite a bit but there are some observations that require Mona Secretariat cited to teach others.
1 - from Riyadh to Istanbul problems.
2 - the quality of Boeing 737 aircraft which is so small that there is little difference between the degree of hospitality and other grades.
Leather aircraft seats any good it is somewhat convenient.
Provide one meal during the flight.
3 - a good level of service.
Of Istanbul to Riyadh change the situation
4 - HVAC hour after take-off turned into only without air cooler.
5 - the level of take-off and landing good as well as the wonderful aviation do not feel any problems as well as the level of service was excellent hostesses its safety does not hesitate to provide any service requested, but that the flight attendants Ahoudrn for my children without blankets that we ask of them.
6 - Because of the way the bad in the seated passenger was some of the passengers from non-family members sitting in the chairs themselves have had some of them frequently to ask for drink, which annoys passengers side has blessed me with God, one of those where it does not end up drinking the cup only asked the other if he wanted to avail itself for the coming days, although he was a nice secretariat in its dealings, but it troubled me smell.

Ground level of service at the airport in Istanbul - Turkey

Tourism Turkey Hotels Turkey places

6 - speak English level at the airport Excellent Most workers, even those who carry bags speak little English or Arabic.
7 - service level ground if there is more than bad, it can be used where you start bad service from Counter Cut Albordnq bass where you sit employed nearly half an hour which reflect in reading the names and matching passport and a requirement to attend all family members to Counter Cut ticket until you see and endured all This is the great disaster got when Naotine cards boarding noted that our seats scattered and do not know what is the reason of it, even though I attended three hours before take-off, and after arguing with the employee, which was really nice, in their dealings, but he might have had orders not like disclosed A seated every two members of the family with some strange and Tamthm someone. He received this with all passengers (Arabs private) so that there is a husband and his bride sat each one of them in a seat variant and after that it came to what Langer Ogelsuhm with some landed them a third person in the middle login mad man but solving it in the volatile Ban Sit strange when curling . Also another family with two children seated two children alone while the father and mother sat in the seat post has it that every solution of the parents took with him one child. What is the reason that I do not know.?

Monitor screens the airport in Istanbul airport:

I finished procedures my early and was printed on the card boarding gate number (305) and we went to the gate after we passed several checkpoints and when we got to the lounge for leave to those gate there was a panel eBooks written by the flight number and destination of Riyadh and gate number and time of boarding and we stayedhere's what more than an hour but suddenly floated the painting and we stayed on the case for nearly half an hour and did not know, but one of the young Saudis coming to us running around and you told me to Riyadh traveler said yes he believes the gate changed to 201, leaving only 20 minutes cessation

Tourism Turkey Hotels Turkey places

The problem hall is full and did not feel they anyone change the gate did not declare the plane and suddenly the passenger racing towards the new portal, which was too far away, was among them many Algoaúl and children, the elderly and when we arrived he inspected again and found that everyone all Brod did not apologize to passengersor until they announce the change gate has Nnbhthm to it and I told them that some of the passengers did not know, perhaps changing the gate and were responding okay Nu Barblm but until rode the plane did not hear the announcement about changing the gate, not even the date of take-off, even though there had been a plane will take off inthe same date to ....... They were average every five minutes declare her the plane Riyadh For the pond. I do not know if the young man did not tell us that Gallant what this was going to be things, but this alerted to this point and constantly watched the screens in anticipation of any change.

Secondly, access to Istanbul - Turkey

Tourism Turkey Hotels Turkey places

After the plane landed in Istanbul moving passenger in a marquee long end up in a large hall where requiring them to obtain a visa (this is a temporary I do not know you will continue or be canceled) and here is proposed that the divided family members to Vsamn where it goes head of the family to Counter Visa while a member of theFamily held secretly in Thtim the passports. If, for example, it happened that arrived in the role of standing in passports before the arrival of Father Whenever it to report that his successor, and so connects father to him.The visa takes almost half a minute where the employee puts in each passport stamp for $ 20 dollars.

Housing and hotels in Turkey

When you decide to go to Turkey and after buying tickets and identify destinations and tourist cities in Turkey proposes accommodation booking either by one of the local tourist agencies or the Turkish tourism agencies. Absolutely not recommended to go there, whether by air or land without accommodation booking by travel agencies because hotel rates are often very expensive if they were booked in a personal capacity and relatively cheap to less than half sometimes if they are booked by travel agencies. Is suggested for those who decide to travel to determine which cities he will visit or you'll sleep or remain there while en route to his destination in Turkey if traveling by car and then book the hotels in those cities by one of the tourist agencies

Tourism Turkey Hotels Turkey places

If we got that delay in access time reservation Every Maalih be tourist is to contact the proxy that help in changing the book to coincide with the time of arrival. Some tourist agencies Turkish often do not take the financial dues in advance, but after the departure of tourists to the hotel is the collection of financial dues in this kind of flexibility where the tourist has the option to change the hotel if he did not like to another hotel as long as he did not pay in advance and this Unlike deal with agencies local, which require payment in advance and this is a kind of commitment of the parties where tourists are not entitled to change the hotel but at the same time relaxes thinking the problem of housing and arrange his affairs early. Through my experience with the Turkish tourist agencies and found that they are trying to make offers very cheap compared to the actual prices for hotels and some of them have great powers in a lot of hotels where they can measure housing in record time and at reasonable prices compared to the market prices. However, at the same time I noticed that some tourist offices have links with certain hotels

Tourism Turkey Hotels Turkey places

And trying to force a person to housing, if you do not like the hotel and saw the agency insist it and Ivmon other hotels proposes to change the agency with the other dealing with the hotel you like, we can question the hotel staff of the agencies that deal with them.

Gratuities in Turkey hotels and private hotels Istanbul (bakshish)

Although the hotel staff often do not ask directly what kind of things to do, but I noticed that the person who Icarmanm any amount if pittance when he came, they give him special attention and treated fine. However, some against this principle, but this almost universally to be the norm.

Tourism Turkey Hotels Turkey places

It wanted to get on service Ultimate Fleurh some pounds on the staff of the hotel during the arrival rate of five pounds, for example, on the staff and see how to respond to all requests. And overlooks all sins. As if a regular person will be dealt with officially not abused but do not Tstep all requests If a room change request will Amatalouna until the time of his release on the grounds there is no vacancy, and so on.

Secondly accommodation in a hotel or apartment in Istanbul

Of the questions that often occupy the minds of tourists, especially from has a family which is better housing in an apartment or hotel?
And through my notes and reading the general situation there, I do not the best housing in apartments for families and owners, especially in Istanbul

Tourism Turkey Hotels Turkey places

And for the following merits:
1 - a very low level of security can not be the person to feel safe from his money and his dependents in the apartments, despite the fact that a lot of brokers contend it safe and good, but through my conversation with some truthful of them told me otherwise. This is in addition to the Saudi consulate does not recommend housing in apartments in Istanbul.
2 - a lot of apartments do not have air conditioning and this may be a problem, especially as the air is sometimes characterized by heat
3 - lacks some of the apartments and the level of hygiene is less than required for those who wish to live in an upscale residential environment.
4 - There are a lot of problems in the contracts and insurance issues may be unknown to some tourists and therefore proposes not to enter into contracts with the owners of personal apartments directly, but with tourist agencies to avoid this problem.
5 - concentrated most of the apartments in the dirt Bastnbul a very beautiful area, but that what some ignorant that this region is an area sewage dump (dearest God all) of the city of Istanbul.
6 - There is no in Istanbul apartments and found it in unsuitable areas, but they are not popular with tourist agencies not Ahawkunha.
7 - a monopoly on some tourism agencies apartments and thus manipulating the market and prices according to what they want.

Appropriate area for family housing in Istanbul - Turkey

Perhaps it is common among most people go to the center of Istanbul or when visiting any city and to the fact that Arab tourists feel that the city center is the best an incomplete services, but that this theory may not be suitable at all times Amidst the city of Istanbul, or what is known as the division ( Taksim) is from my place is not suitable for family housing where it severe congestion few vegetables and more dangerous. There are tempted to housing neither beautiful nor healthy environment which is like any old city center congestion many buildings, and meeting all the classes and races. And anyone who knows Riyadh Vteixeim is more like area (Batha) on Friday when the workers are overwhelmed in terms of shape, similar to Istiklal Street in Riyadh Iimir Street, but it is much larger in size.

Tourism Turkey Hotels Turkey places

The area famous division operations monument and where theft is one of the most dangerous areas of Istanbul. I have been personally to process twitch simple where you know exactly that the division area is safe but a liked recognizable That left all my papers and my money in the hotel and I went there was not in my pocket, only forty dollars you be discharged from one of the MEs are so used to buy some of the requirements and pay them the taxi fare, and has been with me all my family, and put money in the pocket the top of the shirt and entered with the people to the market and when you need the money did not find it I do not know yet how I took Mona and when, despite my concern and severe Tikdy permanent and my briefing with all my family members. He commented on my son's age, saying: Know of a substance called (Taksim) I said no, he said they divided the money thou shalt take this and give it to another.

Tourism Turkey Hotels Turkey places

The Clip what got me to the Saudi consul Ahmed said Lord Yesterday, one of the citizens exposure to twitch forty thousand with Joisath, and Tmal. There are many stories warn of this region. But that was the only time that it is stolen I went there twice after that and did not touch upon any harm, even though I walked Istiklal Street from beginning to end, and entered into a lot of shops. فالسرقة may be subject to certain conditions, but must be careful and Awakening.

In addition to the foregoing, the majority of its hotels the rooms small and private four-star hotels or less, and therefore I do not advise housing in this region, but suggested the housing away from her, and appropriate areas in Istanbul which I thought suitable for family housing
1 - area (Bakir Koy) or area (Atakoy) as well as the airport area as some call and include some hotels including Plaza Alkaron, Dubai Airport, and just Hotel, Polat

Hotel Polat Renaissance
Crowne Plaza Istanbul
Hotel Holiday Inn Marina
Hotel Adela

Tourism Turkey Hotels Turkey places 

Featuring the region that its hotels on the Corniche, and there is next to Alkaron Plaza and Alholde that Mullen two major Qlaraa Mall, and an apostle, in addition to street Istanbul trade, which surpasses Istiklal Street and the most beautiful of it, add to that the region is one of the areas of high-end, and dwell in the hotel Alkaron Plaza, Dutch or that does not require the use of the car, but spend all their needs on foot where can Go to Qlaraa the Mall, or messenger Mall walk, as well as Istanbul street where that the apostle Mall is located in the street. It is also a safe area, quiet and beautiful which is close to the airport, where not far from him only eight kilometers This is the most hotels of this region to provide a free service to guests Bstkabbalhm from the airport as well as they provide service (transplanting), where there are regular flights free at every hour of those Taksim hotels to the area, Sultan Ahmed and vice versa, but needs who wish to take advantage of that service early registration and hotel booking in a bus to go back

Tourism Turkey Hotels Turkey places 

It should be noted that my Alkaron hotel and Alholde to share in all of the services such as swimming pool, gardens and enough other services so that dwells in any of the hotels can use the other hotel services. Perhaps the only drawback to the inhabitants of the pool Alholdy that far for them where they need to cut the large garden that separates the two hotels for any access to the swimming pool and other services that are concentrated in Plaza Alkaron. In addition to the above, these two hotels have a sizeable room size is also Alholde that in addition to the large size of the rooms it facing balconies with wonderful views of the sea or garden.

Tourism Turkey Hotels Turkey places 

The likes of the downtown area, the Sultan Ahmet area or as Antqunha (Sultanahmet) where the twist signifier to V. Fantq of Ahmed Ahmet. Longer suitable area is the finest of Taksim and nicer and quieter and has many tourist sites where there are historic mosques, museums, markets and bazaars large, as well as the fields of beautiful gardens and cafes in addition to that most cruises passport, and the islands of princesses and other off from the port of this region and this It is a strategic place for anyone who loves housing in the downtown area, it combines mediate location and the beauty of the scene. That is one of the tourist areas favored by Westerners in particular.

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